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various for sale

Unwinds & Splicers

Martin Splicer 50” X 21” Wide
Was running on Muller Web Press
ref #794853210

Matin Splicer.jpg

Jagenberg SE21 Shaftless Floor Pickup Unwind
87" Wide X 84" Diameter
Pneumatic brakes
Edge guide
Rated to 9000lbs

Ref # 1507168035

Rewinds & Turrets

2002 GEC 5020 Turret Rewind

w/ touch screen

several to choose from

ref #794853210GEC


1993 GEC 50" X 50" Diameter Turret Rewind

Model TW5050

Ref # 1551393719B


WTI 50" x 38.5" Wide Turret Rewind

Model NSR 50/38.5/1800EC

Continuous Operation, Dual Axis, Speed Regulated with Dancer Trim Controlled rewind system with the following features:

Allen Bradley HMI

Allen Bradley PLC

AC Vector Drives

Adjustable Tension Control (0.5 – 2.5 PLI)

Taper Tension Control

Selective winding, Print in or Print out.

Splice Control (Manual, Diameter, Length or Coordinated)

Integrated Slitter

Press interface options (Run, Stop, Jog/Inch, Estop, Fault)

This item is still serviced and supported.

Ref: 1354420242

WTI turret rewind for sale

WTI 50” Diameter X21” Wide Rewind
Ref 924470117

Curing and Drying

1999 Pierry IR Dryer

Model 5R

(5) IR Lamps

Was running on 29” Harris


Ref# 181681259


2002 Prime UV system 20.5" Wide
(9) stations, (12) Lamps

Prime UV.jpg

2001 ESI EB Dryer

49” Wide Electron Beam Dryer

CTI-Cryogenics cooler

Regularly serviced

Ref # 1471627862A


2009 ESI EZCure Electron Beam Curing Unit

26” Wide Electron Beam Dryer

CTI-Cryogenics cooler

Low Use

Ref # 1420870798


1997 Sanden 27" Wide Sheeter

Variable Size Cutoff
High Pile Stacker

Rated over 1200 FPM

Ref# 437258346

Offset Press Inserts

Sanden Offset Print Inserts 
Mid 90's Sanden 1200 21" Wide Inserts
Inserts will need to be reconditioned.
(6) 22", (2) each 17" & 28"
Ref: 137012669


Didde VIP Inserts w/ 1/4 Pitch Gearing


Print Inserts

(8) 14" Offset Print Inserts

Pattern Perf Inserts

14" Pattern Perf Insert

17" Pattern Perf Insert

Cross Perf inserts

14" Cross Perf Insert

17" Cross Perf Insert

24" Cross Perf Insert

ref # 367386265


Web Press Components
Muller Concept NT Inserts.
Print inserts:(9) each 17”, 22”
File Hole Punch: 22” & 28”
Magnetic Die: 28”
Cross Perf: 17”, 22”, 28”

2002 Prime UV system (9) stations, (12) Lamps

CC1 Inspection System – Upgraded to current specs

AVT Ink System – for (8) color 12” wide press.

Upgraded to current specs

Available individually or as package

post press

1998 Ganicott Batcher

24" Wide

Was in production on offset web

Ref# 150544661


Roll Carousel Storage System: 48” – 72” wide
Capacity: (158) Carriages with Avg. load of 500 lbs. per carrier
Total weight capacity is 79,000 lbs. with a Max 677 lbs. per carriage.
Roll Widths: 48” – 72”; Roll Diameters: 3.5” – 13.75”
Ref # 1799534956


Enercon 3-Zone Treater

65” Wide Corona Treater

Ref # 1471627862B


Polar 78ES Cutter

Good condition. Upgraded computer. Can be seen running

Ref # 2325236903


Explosion resistant 20 foot container

Includes Ruffneck XF4 Electric Air Heater, Floor Grates w/ Drip pans, Blow-out panels

REF # 2400108392

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