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Flexo Wide Web and Central Impression equipment for sale

Advance Web Technologies 58” Wide (55” Print) (6) Color + (2) Downstream

55" Print Width, 55" max repeat

60” Diameter 2-Drum Unwind/Rewind

(6) Colors on CI

(2) Colors Downstream

Gas Dryers

Video Inspection

Nexgen TC820 Tension Control

Micro 1000 Accuweb Camera

REF # 1380658209


Carint 49” wide (6) Color Press
40" repeat

36” turret unwind/turret rewind, 6 flexo decks, Web guide, Doctor blades on all decks, electric ink pumps, gas drying, Slitting with trim removal, AEC Chiller, Over 100 plate cylinders and gear
¼ pitch

Ref  1672355478


2008 PCMC Infiniti (10) Color 57" Wide Flexo Press

Web width 57"

Max Print width 56"

Print repeat 16" - 47"

Rated to 2000'/min


40” Turret Unwind, 40" Turret Rewind, Entercon Corona Treaters, (10) Servo Flexo Decks, Gas Dryer, Washup System, AVT Inspection, huge inventory of sleeves and anilox

Ref# 1672071487


PCMC 60” Wide 8-color Press

57.5” Max Print Width

60” Max Web Width

Turret Unwind/Turret Rewind, Edge Guide, 8 Flexo Units, Gas Dryer, Chills, Video Inspection,

Rated to 1200 FPM

Runs paper, PE, PET, PP, and BOPP

Completely refurbished in 2014 w/ new drives & controls added

Complete inventory of anilox and print cylinders

Ref # 1706043478


PCMC 54” Wide (6) Color Press w/ Turnbar

52” Max Print Width

54” Max Web Width

28” unwind and rewind, Web Guide, 6 Flexo Decks w/ doctor blades, gas drying, Chill, turnbar for reverse printing

Ref # 1706057889

PCMC press with turnbar for sale

2009 Schiavi 1450mm (57”) wide 8-Color Flexo Press

Model EF4040

1400mm (55”) maximum print width

1020mm (40”) max print repeat

Turret Unwind/rewind,
8 Flexo print stations,
Gas Dryer,
Touchscreen Controls,
Large inventory of print sleeves and anilox sleeves

Ref number 1610602545


Wolverine 60” wide 4-Color CI flexo press

32” Diameter Turret Unwind/ Rewind, (4) Flexo Decks w/ doctor blades, gas drying

Ref # 2230741612


Wolverine 88” Wide (3) Color Press
48” pattern repeat
Dual Unwinds w/3”, 6” & 8” cores,
3 colors on 4-color frame,
Chambered doctor blades,
Overhead Forced-Air dryer (electric heat),
Norcross viscosity control,
Shaftless Turret rewind w/ scissor lift unloading
Ref # 1957106354 

Wolverine press

W+H 52” Wide (52” Print) (2) Color Press
50” diameter turret Unwind/Rewinds
38” Max Repeat
Driven Chill Drum
Cylinders, Rollers
Off Line
REF # 1380765618


Advance Machine Tech Rewind

50” Wide, 60” Diameter

REF # 1380613746C


Advance Machine Tech In-line (downstream) Print unit
(2) Colors

45” Wide Print  48" Wide Web
50” repeat
10’ Dryer
Will be ice-blasted clean
REF # 1380613746B


Advance Machine Tech Floor Pickup Unwind

50” Wide, 60” Diameter

Pneumatic Brake

REF # 1380613746A


Advance Machine Tech Print Decks
45” Wide Print  48" Wide Web
Up to 50" repeat
REF # 1380613746D

advance web flexo print decks.jpg

W+H and Advance Machine Components
Print Decks
Trim Blowers
Downstream Print Units
What do you need?

REF # 1380613746E

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