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Flexo and letterpress equipment for sale

Comco Proglide 16” Wide (8) Color Press
– No Chill Drums

KTI ZG2050-08 Butt Splicer, Edge Guide, Corona treater, Web Cleaner,  (8) Print Units w/ Hot air Dryers, Lamination, UV Coater, KTI Turret Rewind MR2024-08

ref 1837087310


Comco Proglide 18” Wide (8) Color Press

Martin Butt Splicer, Edge Guide, Corona treater, (8) Print Units w/ Hot Air Dryers, UV Coater,  Lamination, Waste rewind, 2014 KTI Turret Rewind MR2024-05

Chill Drums

ref 1837087310b


1995 Comco Commander 16” Wide (4) Color flexo + (1) Screen Press

(2) 40” Unwind w/ 3” & 6” Shafts, Edge Guides, (4) Flexo Colors w/ UV, Screen print unit, Nip Roll to join webs, (2) Die Stations, (2) Product Rewinds, Waste Rewind,

Comco Register control

Comco commander flexo press for sale

2008 Comco C2 26” Wide (10) color press w/ Hot Air drying

KTI Lap Splicer, 40” Comco unwind, Corona Treater, Web Cleaner, (10) Servo Flexo Units w/ Chill drums, Hot Air Drying, Laminator unwind, Heated Drum Lamination w/ Aqueous and UV, KTI rewind, Chiller, Gas fired burner w/ heat exchanger for hot air dryers.

Print repeat of 12” to 36”

ref # 1501235477

Comco C2 flexo press for sale

2003 Gallus BHS 46” Wide (8) Color Gearless Press w/ Platen Die Cutter

72” Martin Butt Splicer (Model MCB 10-457-72), de-curler, Infeed, Web Guide, (8) Flexo Units w/ chill rolls, (6) hot air dryers, (1) extended dryer, (1) UV dryer,  Reverse printing in first Flexo unit, Coat AQ or UV in final print unit, Interflex Autowash system, Automatic Register, Video Inspection, Barcode verification, Outfeed, Platen Die Cut, Waste Stripping, Carton Accumulator, Carton Separator, Carton Delivery

Ref 1850764113


Gallus R250 265mm (10.4”) wide (6) Color + Coating Letterpress
Unwind, Edge Guide, (6) Letterpress print Units, Flexo coating Unit, Turnbar, Platen Die Cut, (2) Rotary Die Cut, Lamination, Waste Rewind, (130) Print cylinders, (2) Magnetic Cylinders

Ref# 598753288

Gallus R250 for sale.jpg

2001 PCMC Evolution 26” Wide (9) Color Press

40” Unwind, Corona Treater, Infeed, (9) print Units, Dryer, Lamination, Video Inspection, 40” Rewind

Ref # 914964876

PCMC flexo press for sale

1998 RotoPress 3510 10" Wide (8) Color Press

Standard unwind, Edge guide, 8 print stations w/ Hot Air & (6) UV Stations, Turnbar, 3 die stations, sheeting station, Upper and lower rewind, (2) waste windup stations, Stork Screen Print Unit, Rail System, Small inventory of tooling

Ref# 1633515101

Rotopress flexo press for sale

2007 Sanki SMP 300 11.8" (300mm) Wide (8) color Semi-rotary UV press

Unwind, Edge Guide, Web cleaner, (8) Print Units, (8) UV stations, Magnetic Die Cutter, Lamination, video inspection, Waste Rewind, Product Rewind

Ref 1584345906

Sanki servo press for sale

Webtron 1600 (1) color Press
Unwind, (1) color, (2) Die Stations, Sheeting Station, Waste rewind, B Bunch Folder
Ref # 549956658

Webtron 1600 flexo press for sale

Webtron 650 (5) Color Press
Unwind, Edge Guide, (5) Print units w/ hot air dryers & (1) UV, Lamination, Waste rewind, Product Rewind
Ref# 893485611

Webtron 650 flexo press for sale
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