Flexo and letterpress equipment for sale

1998 Comco Commander 10” Wide (3) Color UV Press
Unwind, Edge Guide, (3) Print Units w/ On Line Energy UV & Chills, Lamination, Sheeting, Double Product Rewind, Inventory of cylinders,

Under power



Gallus R250 265mm (10.4”) wide (6) Color + Coating Letterpress
Unwind, Edge Guide, (6) Letterpress print Units, Flexo coating Unit, Turnbar, Platen Die Cut, (2) Rotary Die Cut, Lamination, Waste Rewind, (130) Print cylinders, (2) Magnetic Cylinders

Ref# 598753288

Gallus R250 for sale.jpg

2005 Gallus FSM 510 20" Wide (8) Color Flexo UV Press

Martin Automatic Splicer, Web Cleaner, Controlled Infeed, Turn Bar (8) Flexo Print Units, (1) Gravure Print Unit, Rotary Diecutting Station, KSM 510 Flatbed Diecutter, Foil, Belt Delivery, Video Inspection

REF# 620853137


Gallus KM510S 20" Wide (9) Color Flexo Press - Servo
Martin MBX Butt Splicer, 60” Unwind Stand, Teknek Roll Stock Sheet Cleaner Web Cleaner, Arcotec Corona Treater, Infeed, Edge Guides, Sensotec Registration System, BST Video Inspection, Monitoring System for Measuring Blister Card Adhesive, (9) Print Units (2 are reversible), GEW E-Brick UV, HYFRA Water Circulating Cooling Unit (for Chill Rollers), Multi-Stream Hot Foil Stamp Unit, lamination on Rail, Waste Rewind on rail, Cold Foil/Cast and Cure Rewind Tower with Precision Tension Control, Double Idler Assembly for Reverse Side Printing, Turnbar, Rotary Die Cutting/Embossing Station, Gallus FSM 510 - 20" Flat Bed Die Cutter w/ Windowing/Stripping Unit, Waste Matrix Crosscutting Unit, Plate Mounter, Pre-Make Ready Table (4'x8'), Hoist, Die Trolly, (2) Hot Foil Cylinder Trolleys
Assortment of spare parts, (29) Anilox Rolls, (116) Print Cylinders
REF# 646251936


2007 Mark Andy XP5000 13” Wide (8) Color UV Press

- refurbed to factory spec in 2019 -
40” Unwind, Automatic Register, Corotec Corona treater, (8) Flexo Print Units, (8) Hot Air Dryers, FUJI LED UV dryers, Turnbar, Delam-Relam, (2) Die Stations, BST Promark Camera, R/D Scorer, Laminator, (2) Waste rewinds, Sheeting Position w/ conveyer, Slitting, Double 40” rewinds, (30) anilox
Ref # 745288744


Mark Andy 2100 7" Wide (8) color

Unwind w/Edge Guide, (8) Flexo Units, (1) UV on Last station, Lamination, (3) Die Stations, Waste rewind, (2) Product Rewinds

Large inventory of cylinders and dies.

Ref# 297172844


2001 PCMC Evolution 26” Wide (9) Color Press

40” Unwind, Corona Treater, Infeed, (9) print Units, Dryer, Lamination, Video Inspection, 40” Rewind

Ref # 914964876

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1999 Sanjo P03 10" Wide (8) Color Waterless Offset Press
40" Unwind, Edge Guide, (8) Print Units (6 w/ UV), Precoat Unit, (2) Spot coat Units (2 UV or 1 UV & 1 Hot air), (2) Sanjo Flatbed Hot Foil Stamp, (1) flatbed die/emboss station, (1) Standard Die Cut, (1) Waste Rewind, 40" Product Rewind, (25) magnetic die cylinders, (25) plate cylinders, plate mounter, plate processor, and extra packs of fresh plates
REF# 290682200


Webtron 650 (5) Color Press
Unwind, Edge Guide, (5) Print units w/ hot air dryers & (1) UV, Lamination, Waste rewind, Product Rewind
Ref# 893485611


Webtron 1600 (1) color Press
Unwind, (1) color, (2) Die Stations, Sheeting Station, Waste rewind, B Bunch Folder
Ref # 549956658