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Halm presses for sale

Halm Super Jet JPTWOD-6D

REFURBISHED - Excellent Condition

6" SuperJet rated up to 60,000 EPH, Top and bottom feeder, Perfecting, Delivery table
Ref# 1000011


Halm 2-Color Super Jet

Up to 18” x 12", Top & Bottom Feeders, Conveyor Delivery, Vacuum Pumps, Plate Bender, dampening water circulator
Cleaned, checked - great shape!!
Ref# LIME02



Halm Superjet (2) Color Press

Press rebuilt by Halm in 2014 - Great Shape

(2) Feeders, (2) Colors, Perfecting, Fountain solution recirc unit

Ref# 914924661


1997 Halm Superjet (2) Color Press

Dual Feeders, (2) Colors, Delivery, Halm, Recirc Tank

Ref # 1317746803

Halm_superjet - Copy.jpg
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